When you get a really tough professor


When you go out to eat and escape dining hall food


When you inevitably forget your keys when running late for an 8am


When you forgot to do the assigned reading and have no idea what’s going on


When you have three exams scheduled for the same day and there is no hope


When you pull an all-nighter to get a huge assignment done and need some brain food


That feeling you get when you’ve finished your last final of the semester


When it’s your first day of college and you feel like you own the world


When you get a bad grade on an assignment and blame the professor


When you need to pee halfway through a 2 hour lecture but don’t want to miss anything


When your professor clearly has no idea what they’re talking about


When you go back to visit your high school and feel like the best thing since sliced bread


When you have to read a 50 page chapter for class and you put it off until the night before


When you get fined for damages to your dorm room and your parents flip


When there’s one week left in the semester and you start to doubt everything you’ve ever known


Want to Hear More?

If you guys liked this and want more let me know! If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests please tell me!

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