Should You Major in Music?

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are debating whether or not to major in music. Add up how many times you pick A, B, or C, and this quiz will give you a suggestion as to whether or not you would be successful as a music major. The only way to get a truthful result is to answer honestly, so take the quiz seriously.

How long have you been taking private lessons?

A.) 3 years or more
B.) 1-2 years
C.) I have never taken private lessons

Have you ever taken a music theory class?

A.) Yes
B.) No, but I’ve learned some theory through lessons or ensembles
C.) Never

Were you in the top level ensemble at your high school?

A.) Yes, for at least 2 years
B.) Yes, but only for 1 year
C.) No

For instrumentalists, have you ever had vocal training?
For vocalists, have you ever played an instrument?

A.) Yes, extensively
B.) Yes, but minimally
C.) Never

What music do you play/sing the most?

A.) Classical
B.) Lots of genres
C.) Pop

Can you read music?

A.) Yes, very well
B.) Sort of
C.) No

Are there other musicians in your family?

A.) Yes
B.) No

What kind of student are you?

A.) Mostly A’s and B’s
B.) Mostly B’s and C’s
C.) Mostly C’s or below

Can you handle large amounts of homework?

A.) Yes, no problem
B.) Yes, but I hate it
C.) I often struggle to get things done

How much of your free time is spent pursuing music?

A.) Almost all of it
B.) About 50%, give or take
C.) No more than 25%


Mostly A’s

You would probably be highly successful as a music major. Studying music in college is a crap ton of hard work, but you would probably be up to the challenge. Music has clearly had a large influence on you, so if you would like to continue down that path you have my support!

Mostly B’s

You are right in the middle. Sitting on the fence is okay, but majoring in music is a HUGE commitment and not something to take lightly. You might be able to major in music, but it will take a lot of hard work and dedication. Once you’ve declared music as a major it is no longer a hobby, and it will consume every part of your life. If you are questioning your eligibility, try talking to someone else you know who has majored in music and ask them all your burning questions.

Mostly C’s

You might want to consider other options. The most successful music majors are usually those who have already dove deep into their musical studies before college, and if it’s just a fun hobby for you, it’s probably not a good major. If you are lacking in traditional music experiences, you might struggle with the music admissions process. If you are lacking in motivation and determination to get your schoolwork done, you’ll get buried under all the assignments and performance requirements. Aside from all of this, If you really truly want to major in music, you should. All this tells you is that if you decide to major in music you might be a little behind and/or have to work a little harder to be successful.

Want to Hear More?

I have a very specific reason for including each of these questions, so if you want to know more about something let me know. This quiz is just something to get you thinking. I’m not an expert, and I don’t know you personally. It’s just to give you a general idea of where you might stand. If you have any more specific questions regarding whether or not you would be successful as a music major please just ask me! I would love to help you out!



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